• "(v) promote the preservation, study and learning of the language and culture of the Beneficiary."
  • “(vi) encourage community activities, including the annual Treaty Days, pow-wow and community gatherings;”
  • (x) protect, preserve and advance the aboriginal and Treaty rights of Peguis and its Members;

Smudging by burning sage is an ancient healing practice of the Cree and Ojibway peoples of the plains. Sage is often burned to start a ceremony or to mark a significant moment, in this case, the sharing of knowledge and news about our journey at the Peguis Treaty Land Entitlement Trust. 

Tawow pihtikweh (Cree), Pintigen (Ojibwe),  Welcome. 


Please tune in this Saturday May 15, 2021 at 10am to join our Annual General Meeting for the Peguis TLE Trust.

We will be live on Country Rock Radio 102.7 FM, virtually on the Peguis TLE Trust facebook page and on Zoom (Meeting ID 889 9306 1935).

There will be registration draws during the meeting. So please call 204-645-3943 to register for the free draws.

Peguis TLE Trust AGM for 2020

The Peguis Treaty Land Entitlement Annual General Meeting for the year 2020 will be held:

DATE:  May 15th, 2021


LOCATION: Peguis MultiPlex

Following COVID-19 Health Restrictions (It may be Virtual. Notices will be posted.)



Saturday, May 15th, 2021

Peguis MultiPlex (May be Virtual)

10:00 am    Call to order

  • O Canada (Ojibwe Version). 
  • Opening Honor Song by Loud Eagle
  • Opening Prayer - Elder
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TLE Trust Highlights

Applicant Resources

The TLE Trust continues to hold information workshops and provide resources to enable beneficiaries to understand how to apply and secure funds appropriately. A Handbook and Guidelines for funding...

Trust Overview

Peguis First Nation Treaty Land Entitlement Trust was created under an agreement signed with Canada and the Province of Manitoba on May 12, 2008. The Trust beneficiaries are the First Nation and its...

Annual Investment Review Summary 2019 - TEWealth

On behalf of T.E. Wealth’s Indigenous Investment Advisory practice, we remain extremely honoured to support the Peguis First Nation TLE Trust and its’ ongoing investment advisory needs. Our role...

Our funded projects

By James Wastasecoot

Peguis May 15, 2021 - Peguis Treaty Land Entitlement Trust (TLE) held its 11th Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2020 via VIRTUAL.  Peguis Beneficiaries were able to join by Zoom, Facebook and listen to the Peguis Country Rock Radio Station.  Apart from the 10-minute power blackout which came at the end of the meeting, the event was not only a technological success, but a financial success as well in which the Trust performed well through the year despite the pandemic.  Financial Trustee – Chair,  Sherry Sutherland said that the event was a demonstration of how Peguis has been able to use technologies to connect with the community.  She said: “A major challenge over the past year has been the pandemic and meeting via Virtual.  But it’s been a good transition.”

By TLE Trust staff

Peguis TLE Trust sponsored and presented awards to grade 12 graduates who excelled in the “most improved” and “highest academic” categories at the graduation held June 26, 2020 at the Peguis Arena Complex. The awards were presented to:

Shayla Spence-Thomas – Highest Academic - Parents Anita Spence & Eric Thomas

Ayden Sutherland – Highest Academic - Parents Jen & Winston Sutherland

Chanelle Meldrum – Most Improved – Parents Darcy Thomas & Jason Meldrum, also raised up with Papa & Nana – Robert and Late Lorraine Thomas

Darian Sutherland – Most Improved – Parents Sherry & Tony Sutherland

Trustee Lloyd Sinclair, Ayden Sutherland, Sharyla Spence-Thomas, Chanelle Meldrum, Darian Sutherland

Presenting the awards, PEguis TLE Trust administrator, Fern Sinclair, said the Trustees wish to acknowledge the PCS Class of 2020 Graduates, and to wish them all the best in their passage to opening yet another door into your life journeys.  “The careers each of you choose, do it proudly and with trustworthiness.  The TLE and Surrender Trusts will always need Trustees.  One of you can be the next future Trustee.”

“It is with great pride that we proudly fund the TLE Awards for the Grade 12 Peguis Band Members.  We wish all the Graduating Class of 2020 the best in your future achievements and dreams.”

 The Peguis TLE Trust Community Fund Trustees are: Lloyd Sinclair - Chair, Ralph Sutherland, Freda & Barry Bear