Smudging by burning sage is an ancient healing practice of the Cree and Ojibway peoples of the plains. Sage is often burned to start a ceremony or to mark a significant moment, in this case, the sharing of knowledge and news about our journey at the Peguis Treaty Land Entitlement Trust. 

Tawow pihtikweh (Cree), Pintigen (Ojibwe),  Welcome. 

Saturday, May 15th, 2021

Peguis MultiPlex (May be Virtual)

10:00 am    Call to order

  • O Canada (Ojibwe Version). 
  • Opening Honor Song by Loud Eagle
  • Opening Prayer - Elder

10:10 am     Welcoming Remarks

  • Chief & Council
  • Carrie Sutherland - Financial Chair
  • Lloyd Sinclair – Community Fund Chair

10:20 am     TLE Trust Report – Sangita Bhalla & Eva Miller, RBC Royal Trust

10:30 am     Audit review – Terryl Luhowy, MNP

10:50 am     Investment Overview –   T. E. Wealth

11:00 am     Investment Overview –  Beutel Goodman

11:10 am      Investment Overview –   Ridgewood

11:15 am      Investment Overview –   Mawer

11:20 am     Community Fund Highlights – Lloyd Sinclair, Chair

11:40 am     TLE Implementation – TBC

11:50 am     Blessing of the Food.  Closing Honor Song by Loud Eagle and Closing Prayer - Elder

11:55 am     Bag Lunch Following COVID-19 Restrictions